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Wine Tasting tips – basics

There are a few basics to remember when tasting wine :

* Avoid wearing strong deodorant and perfume

* It is recommended to not brush your teeth before hand, mainly to let the plaque assist in protecting your teeth enamel from the acidity and of course the toothpaste will alter your taste buds.

* When drinking/tasting sparkling wine use good glasses but especially DO NOT clean with any detergents.  Instead rinse or soak with hot water and dry with a quality linen towel (regular tea towels can leave lint or residue which can flatten your bubbles)

* white wines should not be kept in the fridge for long periods of time as the taste will change (and an expensive bottle may end up tasting just like a $10 bottle).  Ideally up to 1 week is fine, chilling on ice or in the fridge for an hour prior to drinking is sufficient.

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