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Sparkling Wine

Today I tried 7 sparkling wines (4 white and 3 red):

Tigress Pinot Noir Chardonnay (Tas) N.V

This wine had a good first impression as a fresh and cleansing sparkling wine, easy and light to drink.  This wine would be ideally suited to someone who is not a great lover of sparkling wine because of its mellow characteristics and very soft bubbles.  The taste was not lingering. An afternoon delight.

Bird in Hand Pinot Noir 2009 (Adelaide Hills)

This sparkling looks attractive and the rose colour is visually appealing and unique, as a  result of leaving the fruit in the skin for longer to add to the colour in the wine making process.  I found the smell very sweet and was intrigued…  this sparkling has a high level of bubbles (more than I prefer) with a young taste.  I can see this wine appealing to a large audience for its uniqueness and sweet qualities which can be rare for sparkling wines.

Janz Tasmanian Premium curvee N.V

This is a good popular all round wine and it retained its bubbles in the glass nicely – 10 mins after pouring.  A very enjoyable sparkling and can highly recommend it – a winner for a dinner party.

Blue Pyrenees “midnight” curvee Chardonnay 2002

A pleasant and refreshing sparkling

Crosser “Piccadilly Valley” pinot/chardonnay (2006 Adelaide Hills)

This was my favourite sparkling for the evening ! enough said

Fox Creek “Vixen” sparkling red ( McLaren Vale)

An old faithful and a good solid crowd pleaser.  A sweet appealing wine and a safe bet for a dinner party or special occasion.

Peter Rumball sparkling red

This is a classic sparkling and perhaps one of the originals which has definitely stood the test of time !

Majella sparkling shiraz (Coonawarra)

This wine has the aroma of a regular non sparkling Shiraz and with very subtle bubbles could almost fool you into thinking it is just a Shiraz… however pleasant to drink and enjoyable.

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